Staff Spirituality

Retreat Days & Reflections

Across Catholic education there is a desire to build stronger Catholic communities founded on a deeper commitment to the Mission entrusted by Jesus Christ. As such the Church does not have a Mission; it is a Mission. Therein, a desire for missionary activity is incumbent on each baptised person to discern and respond to within both the Gospel message and the ‘signs of the times’. This is a life-giving force for those at the centre of Catholic education, the students. As such staff participate in opportunities to continue and deepen their faith journey. Including the following:

Parish Spirituality Days

All Staff at St John's participate annually in Parish Spirituality Retreats. These are developed by Bishop Gregory Homeing to provide formation opportunities for all staff.


Proclaim Lismore aims to ensure that Catholic education is strategically placed to enable the hidden energy of the Good News to positively impact on the consciences of each person, and transform Catholic education.

This will enable the promotion of schools that are truly Catholic in their identity and life, centres of the New Evangelisation, achieving high levels of Catholic religious literacy and practice, and led by staff who will contribute to these goals.

The Proclaim Lismore initiative commenced in 2013 with a year long collaborative adventure to engage all staff in parish schools and the Catholic Schools Office in major cultural and structural change promoting the New Evangelisation. It was a year in which all who wished to make an eternal difference in the life of each student made both a deeper personal commitment to Christ and ensured there was a new ardour, new message and new method around promoting the Catholic way of life. Proclaim Lismore 2013 centred on the theme of “A Time for Challenge and a Time for Courage – What difference will you make?”.

A specific program was undertaken for our entire staff the culmination of which was four events in May where over 2000 staff members listened to global leaders in Catholic change management and voiced their hopes, dreams and aspirations. This valuable insight into how we move forward with our staff is now being used to implement changes that are spreading across the Diocese.